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Kelley discusses the underlying conditions that lead to burnout, along with strategies to mitigate and prevent these systemic issues from arising in the future.

In a time when organizations feel employees and candidates control the market, and when individuals carry resentment for being burnt by employers in the past, how do we restore trust and retain our top talent? Kelley shares her framework.

In this keynote, Kelley shares the true cost of burnout — both to an organization and the individuals that work there — and how dual responsibility for changing the narrative around burnout is necessary to end tradeoffs and turnover. 

And what it takes to *actually* solve our nation’s burnout crisis

Burnout is neither the fault of the individual or the organization — it’s both

Burnout is a symptom — what are its causes? 


The Real Cost of Burnout 

You’ve Been Burnt

It’s Bigger than Burnout

Alison Miley - Senior Vice President of Communications Services at Notion Strategies

We worked with Kelley on a Fortune 500 C-level leadership offsite event. She took time to deeply understand the audience so she could deliver the most impactful presentation, guide difficult but necessary discussions, and facilitate workshops to help the team evolve their thinking and behaviors. Her approach to inclusive innovation, diversity and belonging was presented in the context of broader corporate goals and strategies, creating the necessary connection between the two for our client. She is truly a powerhouse and is uniquely skilled at moving the needle on helping teams operate with an “inclusive innovation” approach. We could not recommend her enough and look forward to teaming up with her again!

Elizabeth Gouéti - Director of Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging at NetApp

I’ve had the privilege of working with Kelley multiple times to develop strategies to drive equity in large tech organizations. She has the keen ability to leverage data and manage the human side of this work to bring forth success. Through her work, I’ve been able to move the needle in a meaningful way. Kelley makes strategy sexy.

Wellbeing Director at The Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard

Working with [Burn Bright] has been a great experience. They are superb at translating deep expertise in mental health into an engaging and impactful experience for participants. They took the time to understand our organization’s mission-driven, scientific culture. We were able to create multiple workshops that served our community, and I happily referred them to colleagues at other organizations because of the quality of their work.

Tina Fang - Chief Deputy Colorado at the Office of Public Defenders

Working with Kelley is easy and supportive. She has the connections necessary to help build a plan that incorporates many different layers of a strategy. She is flexible and strives to meet the needs of the organization. So far, we have been able to launch a whole cache of resources and she remains in contact for follow-up help and ideas as needed. I highly recommend her.

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Kelley is a licensed therapist with masters degrees in both social work and criminal justice, and leads a team of HR professionals, positive psychologists, instructional designers, and expert trainers with a combined 25+ advanced degrees and certifications, and collective 120+ years of professional experience. 

Kelley served on the Gender Policy Committee for the White House as well as the International Women’s Economic Security Council. Hand-picked by the Biden Administration to assist in developing a national framework for workplace safety and harassment, Kelley is a thought leader in the realm of sexual assault and DEI in the workplace. 

She has worked with several federal and international organizations to create safer environments and strategies for violence prevention, including the U.S. Military, Library of Congress, National Academy of Sciences, The United Nations, and NATO. Kelley built the number one behavioral modification program for the New York State men’s prisons to reduce violence through policy development and program evaluation.

Called “a benchmark in her field” by the Pentagon, Kelley Bonner impacts culture and policy across the globe, evangelizing the way we talk about the cost of burnout in the workplace.

Meet Kelley Bonner 

Black women often feel overburdened and undervalued. This podcast offers palpable solutions for this undeniable phenomenon. 

Each week, Kelley dives deep on topics around burnout including career burnout, relationship burnout, and how racism and sexism contribute to the acceleration of burnout-in just 15 minutes! 




Kelley is the author of two books, Burnt and The Opt Out, both of which address the faults of the burnout narrative in the western work culture, and pose alternative ideas about how we can mitigate, heal from, and prevent burnout, to live more successful lives without self-betrayal.

Burn Bright

Burn Bright is a boutique consultancy focused on creating team cohesion and a generative company culture for organizations. Kelley and her team — with a combined 25+ advanced degrees and certifications, and collective 120+ years of professional experience — approach a range of intimate experiences from self care to sexual harassment, from perfectionism to project management, from DEI to leadership development creating systemic changes at the organizational level.